The Starting Point

It came by surprise. The gentle nudge in a direction rarely explored felt more natural than one would have supposed. Suddenly I was exploring the world in a different way; closer to reality, nearer to nature. To peel back the edge of the box I lived in and see the vivid beauty of creation was simultaneously shock and awe.

My world has been one of tidy corners, neatly organized into rules and logic. I’ve been comfortable in that place for my entire existence, straying from time to time into the chaos of creativity but ultimately returning to my safe, mathematically accurate haven.

No more. Not now that I’ve seen the light. I’ve started to explore the ragged-edged, inaccurate, unreproducible world of the creative mind, of which this blog is now part. I see things differently now.

I still have to challenge myself to be here. Like a child incessantly learning to walk I will not give up – the reach of better things is too alluring to turn away from. Challenges stretch the mind, the soul, the reality in which we live. They are a quintessential part of what defines us and I shall rejoice as I walk forth into the bright, wonderful future.

The world is no longer a box. I have been born.

2 thoughts on “The Starting Point

  1. Can you define “tidy corners?” I only understand rough edges and impartial dreams, beans stalks half climbed, and creative fire tamped down by righteous expectations.

    I find that your post, thrust upon me by the wonder of cyberspace and friendship, stimulates my own analysis of the “operating instructions” that drive me. Did you mean to “throw down the gauntlet?”

    Even if the gauntlet is your own personal challenge, tossed out, amazingly, in the aftermath of stormer seas than I can imagine, it is powerful and inspiring.

    • Andrew says:

      Thank you Britt. The world of tidy corners is not for you. To live in that world is to be constrained by limited expectations and constricted thinking. The world of the box is safe and reasonable; your path lies elsewhere.

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