I’ve decided to have a stab at “Five Sentence Fiction” – a weekly challenge from Lillie McFerrin. Each week she posts a word on her blog and the objective is to write a short story in 5 sentences based on that word. This week’s word is “FACES”. Enjoy!


The pastor looked out from his pulpit. In front of him the congregation strained to hear the words that, like most other Sundays, would be listened to with intent and forgotten within moments.

Gazing down upon his flock he considered their faces; the farmer’s son with his wild red hair and freckled cheeks, the two sisters in the back row both in their nineties with expressions wizened through years of unrelenting toil, the happy fresh-faced young couple waiting to be married – and a sudden realization occurred to him – he had failed.

Now in this moment he became cognizant that the passion he held within for his faith was something he was unable to effectively communicate and he would never truly reach the souls of those he was charged to save. A small tear slowly trickled down the old man’s face as he took a long breath and began to read his sermon.


Lillie McFerrin