The caterpillar, tiny and vulnerable, emerged from its egg  and found its way into the world without the aid of others; ingesting, growing, incessant in its quest for greater things.

All too soon it was engorged and shed its intricate skin for the last time to reveal the chrysalis, delicately suspended in a silken hammock.

The chrysalis hardened and time passed as a miracle took place within, then suddenly there was movement and the cocoon opened, a new life emerging into the bright sunshine.

Unconstrained by thoughts of failure or any concept of apathy the caterpillar had been transformed, metamorphosized from routine to refulgent.

Amazingly beautiful, the life that once was monotone had now been filled with vivid color and brilliance and soon joined its cohorts to play amongst the flowers; a veritable profusion of dancing butterflies.


Lillie McFerrin

The light at the end of the tunnel

In the darkness following the storm a small boat bobs on uncertain seas. Tossed and battered it has been through its share of ups and downs, sometimes rising high atop a white-topped wave while at other times deep in the trough of despair with nothing but certain calamity on either side.

The weather-beaten captain steers his craft towards a destination as yet unknown; grittily determined to seek the safety and surety of port, yet ever drawn towards the mermaid’s song – a beautiful, intoxicating call. He should look away towards the shining light of home yet he continues onward undaunted, the prospect of a joyous union ever present in his mind.

Notwithstanding the possibility of total destruction dashed upon the rocks and sentencing all he holds dear to a perilous doom, he navigates towards a different light; a light so wonderful that he would risk his imminent demise for a moment in its glow.