He could feel it; the poison running through his veins with a burning ferocity that was consuming him from within. How ironic he thought, that the bottle was marked “Love Potion No. 4”.

He’d had no luck wooing the girl he’d been dreaming about for years, and so he had made his way to the French Quarter where in a dingy backstreet store he had explained his plight to perhaps the oldest woman he’d ever seen, and left a short time later with the small blue-grey bottle.

Trembling with excitement at the prospect of finally having his love he had donned his best outfit just in case she knocked on his door immediately afterwards, and settling down in his favorite chair he had consumed the elixir in one swallow.

The draught did exactly what the old woman had said it would do – it united him with his love, but how was he to know that her car had gone into the river just two hours earlier?


Lillie McFerrin

20 thoughts on “Potions

  1. Green Speck says:

    What a lovely twist at the end … awesome !!!

  2. K R Smith says:

    Excellent ending!

  3. Love sucks! But great job…

  4. Mark K says:

    Brilliant and superbly executed. Very nice twist. Thank you once again for stopping by the Hearth. I hope your first experience there won’t discourage you from future visits. I look forward to seeing you there again sometime 🙂

  5. TheOthers1 says:

    Oh! Well done with that ending. I’m suitable impressed with this story.

  6. jeanelain says:

    Great twist! Absolutely loved this one!

  7. Rossandra says:

    Well done! A pleasure to read.

  8. JazzBumpa says:

    Timing is everything. (and I almost got here too late.)

    Evil twist – very dark.

    Good job!

  9. I really enjoyed this story, Andrew. Like so many others who have commented, I think the twist at the end is superb. It was unexpected, yet fitting.

  10. Yes, my jaw dropped at the ending! Nooo… Poor guy, but great writing Andrew!

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