The most beautiful shape

In nature we see beauty everywhere we look. From the intricate design of the fern and the unique fractal of the snowflake to the unimaginable vastness of the galaxies; brutal and awe-inspiring, beauty is everywhere. In the eye of the beholder beauty exists even where it’s not instantly obvious to others. A piece of art can convey a message that can only come from beauty; it might be the sweeping brush strokes of a Cézanne or it may be the tactile perfection of the Venus de Milo but in each case the feelings invoked by simply looking can carry you into the warm serotonin-induced glow of happiness.

I’ve seen beauty in many forms. I’ve seen it in my children’s eyes; in the pure innocence and sense of wonder that comes from the mind of the unjaded. I’ve seen it in the night sky, the smallest flower, the highest mountain.

And yet for me the most beautiful shape of all is so widely varied that billions of permutations exist. Each and every one is uniquely alluring. Even the most unconventional of these shapes has some beauty to it if you really look. It’s probably a hard-wired response to my human condition but I am thrilled by the amazing and exquisite beauty of the female form.