To dare to dream

A dream can take many forms. Sometimes the dream manifests from deep in your subconscious, devoid of all reality but full of powerful imagery and simile. Other dreams are of a more earthly nature, wondrous and rooted in reality.  Daydreaming is thoughtful and takes you on flights of fancy away from the humdrum and into the sublime. To dream is to escape reality for a short moment, to cast off the chattels of practicality and physics and to let the soul run free.

Whether you are soaring above the clouds or simply thinking of being with your lover, your dream can take you there. You may find yourself alone in a quiet place or subject to the cacophony of a crowded future city – the mind makes that world reality to you for a brief period of time.

To dream is to be alive.  To escape the boundaries upon which we are subjected is to see a world of idealism and beauty unconstrained by the bonds of practicality.

I dream that happiness is possible, that there can be resolution to any challenge, that love ultimately wins the day.

Perhaps one day my dream will become reality.