Words didn’t come easily to him. Years of heavy labor toiling in the mine had left him with a grimace that reflected the harshness of his life, and his quiet demeanor  had served him well until now – now he had a choice to make.

She had been by his side forever – keeping a home for the large man, providing him with meals, children and physical intimacy but now she had had enough; her view of the world had changed and that new perspective had given her insight into how others lived their lives and the ways that they loved, laughed and enjoyed each others’ company.

It was ironic he thought that the one thing he’d bought her to keep her happy during the long hours home by herself would be their undoing.

“I’m sorry my love, it’s going back” he said as she thought to herself “I’ll really miss those daytime TV soap operas”.


Lillie McFerrin Writes