The peaceful morning

He awoke, the alarm jangling in his ear. Calming the cacophony he sensed something else – a quiet peace. Thirty seconds into his day, the sun streamed in through the window but today it felt different, as though a filter had been applied and he was being shielded from the glaring harshness. Even the sheets felt a little lighter, softer.

Rising, he washed his face, the water softly caressing him. He looked into the mirror and saw himself looking back – his features relaxed and content. He dressed, cotton resting easily upon his skin.

Treading lightly he poured himself a coffee and sat by the open window feeling the gentle breeze fill the warm and inviting room with its morning freshness. He breathed deeply, allowing the fresh air to fill his lungs.

Closing his eyes for a moment he savored the calmness and let himself relax.

Now he was ready to start his day.