He tended to the flowers with such devotion; with care he cut the stems to ideal lengths, pruning and carefully adjusting until the arrangement was perfect.

This had been his vocation for many years now, the one enduring thing that he had practiced, honed, mastered.

He was an artist at his craft, finessing incredible creations into existence using nature’s most radiant flowers, fronds and finery.

He stood back now, taking in the entirety of his work, arms folded, a thoughtful look on his face – he was finally satisfied with his creation.

He paused silently for a while, taking in the bigger picture, and then without a word he turned and left; he would visit her grave again next week.


Lillie McFerrin

12 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. Perfect use of this week’s word. I was completely surprised, and touched, at the end. I particularly enjoyed, after realizing the fullness of the post, knowing that he didn’t usually take such care with flowers, but that for her, there was no other way…clearly devoted. Excellent read,

  2. Josie Two Shoes says:

    Love that remembers, still cherishes, and still honors with the very best… That is true devotion! Beautiful post!

  3. Sandra says:

    A very poignant take on the word ‘devotion’, Andrew. Flowed gracefully. Well done.

  4. Your piece is so tender and beautiful. What a gift to be loved like that. Perfect expression of the prompt. This was a tough one for me, too. I completely gave up on Monday, then pulled it out this morning and gave it one last shot.

    • Andrew says:

      It would be nice to think that we could all find that special someone who would love us in that way, and for us to love them in the same way in return.
      Thanks Jayne. I’ll go over and read your piece now.

  5. CC says:

    Devotion to a craft and to a profession. The ending made it very touching. Nicely done. 🙂

  6. vbholmes says:

    You did such a wonderful job with the care and arranging of the flowers that the placement of the bouquet came as a real surprise. Lovely portrayal of a man’s devotion.

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